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Theme or no theme, that is the question!


Do you need to have a theme for your party?

Throwing a party can be so stressful with so many of the do’s and don’ts of planning. One of the big questions, do you need to have a theme for the party?

Themes often bring continuity to a party and help with the planning phase, but are not necessary.

Some things to consider when you’re deciding if you want a theme:


1)            Your Party Date:

Is your event scheduled near a holiday such a Christmas, Halloween, or the 4th of July? If so, you will likely find a variety and more affordable decorations with a seasonal theme that coincides with your party date.

2)            Location:

Selecting a location is huge when it comes to party planning! Some venues are the theme, such as destination events like beach weddings or zoo parties. Venues that may benefit from a theme are ballrooms, parks, or event centers because they often have neutral décor.

3)            Type of Party:

Deciding whether to have a theme also depends on the celebration. Choosing a theme for a special event such as a birthday party, kid’s party, or holiday party is helpful in designing décor, favors, and food. Wine & dine events or backyard barbecues do not need a theme because the gathering is a theme in itself.

4)            YOU!

Do you enjoy themed parties? If so, let it help guide the party planning and present a common theme throughout the ambiance of the party. If you do not enjoy themed parties, enjoy the freedom of planning a simple gathering without a theme. Either way, you have something to celebrate.[fruitful_sep]

Event Planning by My Sweet EstiiloAfter deciding on a theme, or not… let the planning begin! Often times, clients have a basic party idea without the know-how or resources to make it happen. That’s where selecting the right event stylist comes into play. You bring your ideas and event stylists execute them with style!


Contact an “event stylist” to see what we can bring to your next event.

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